Dignity Plan

Haya ha vho la laho khofhe tshidele

Basic Plan Cover
Principal MemberSpouse Child 14 - 21Child 6 - 13Child 0 - 5Stillborn (from 6 months)Extended Family
R30 000R30 000R15 000R5 000R1 500R1 500R30 000
Basic Plan
Principal Member
R30 000
R30 000
Child 14 - 21
R15 000
Child 6 - 13
R5 000
Child 0 - 5
R1 500
Stillborn (from 6 months)
R1 500
Extended Family
R30 000

Premiums and Benefits

Monthly Premium FamilyMonthly Premium (member only)
StorageRadio announcement
Home Tent ( 9m x 16m ) - White250 Chairs
250 Programmes2 x VIP Non Flush Toilet
2x Family CarGraveside Tents
Grave BuildingCoffin Spray
TombstonePaving/Tilling (own materials)
R200 Airtime

Extended Family Members

Parents and Parents in Law
Below 65 Years oldR130.00
65 - 74 Years oldR210.00
75 - 84 Years oldR350.00
85 - 100 Years oldR455.00
R200 Free Airtime

Why choose one of our burial plans?

Affordable Premiums

Our affordable premiums give you flexibility to choose what’s important to you and your loved ones, at a price you can afford.

Treated With Dignity and Respect

Our aim is to treat the deceased with the dignity & respect the deserve and celebrate a life well lived.

Comprehensive Cover

Cover your whole Family including Extended Family Members, Parents & Parents-in-Law with our comprehensive Funeral Cover.

Peace of Mind

Our Comprehensive Funeral Cover & Burial services ensure that you can honor your loved ones with a dignified funeral at a stressful time for every family.

Terms and Conditions

Below please find the latest terms and conditions applicable to all MTG Funeral Burial Plans.
  1. NO benefits will be paid in cash. MTG Funerals offer ONLY services benefits. (MTG will pay back 60% of the total benefit, if for any reason MTG cannot conduct the funeral service)
  2. There is a 6 (six) FULL months waiting period for claims due to natural causes in respect of all lives below 75 years at entry and benefits of R12 000 and below. A 9 (nine) FULL months waiting period will be applicable for claims due to natural causes in respect of all lives above 74 years at entry and all benefits in excess of R12 000. No claim will be paid for suicidal death before two years of the policy being in force.
  1. The Maximum entry age of a spouse is 80 years.
  2. Airtime benefit and Courtesy car benefits are payable to the nominated beneficiary on validity of a claim. These benefits are applicable for immediate family and single members only. It’s not available to extended family members.
  1. First premium on all new policies must be honoured failure to do so the policy will lapse without any notice.
  2. If premiums are not received for two consecutive months, the policy will lapse on the 3rd of the third month. Reinstated policies will carry the original waiting period of the policy.
  3. Claims must be notified within six months after death.
  4. There’s no waiver of premiums.